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Online Zoom/Whatsapp Therapy Sessions available Now !

Our Specializations

We offer 3-in-1 mind-body energy therapy, Bi-Aura energy therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and integrative relational counselling. Our services can help you improve relationships, recover from trauma, cleanse and detox, as well as address your anger, panic, self-esteem, addiction and abuse issues. We will go to great lengths to empower you to start living your life to the fullest.

Who We Work With

We offer our counselling and therapy services to children ages 3 and up and adults of all ages who have physical, emotional and psychological problems. We also partner with mental health charities, general practitioners, the National Health Service (NHS) and Leeds Mind, as well as various schools, colleges and family centres. We can work with our clients in one-to-one or group settings.

Consultations and Therapy Sessions

In the initial hour of the consultation, you and our therapist will discuss about your issues and what you want to achieve. She will then provide options for different types of therapy that may help you with the problems you have. She will integrate three or four different therapies over 12 weeks. Trust that your sessions will be tailored according to your specific situation to produce the best results.

Your Partner in Wholeness and Wellness 

Begin your healing journey and bring peace into your life with help from Jan Haghverdi Mindbodynurture in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We focus on enhancing your emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

Our Services 

We serve people of all ages in the community who have issues with loss, separation, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and confidence, phobias, assault and abuse, relationship, work, family and childhood.

Training : CPD training for Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing and psychology 

I provide workforce development skills training supporting the needs of employees in health and social care, education, schools, and community teams. The courses help support staff members to increase knowledge of developing mental health issues providing staff with skills and interventions in how best to support vulnerable children, young people and adults.

I deliver one off workshops, courses, group work around wellbeing themes such as positive mental wellness, Counselling, mind body based therapies , communication skills, mindfulness based stress reduction, conflict resolution and resilience and self- care.

Personal development healing- self growth

Popular courses

Positive mental wellness

Mindfulness based stress reduction

Confidence resilience and coping skills

Relationships communication and conflict resolution skills

Mind Body Based Therapies -Energy Psychology

Skills for supporting anxious people

Pathways to healing and mind body enlightenment

Skills for supporting young people

Supporting young people struggling with mental health

Coping with loss and separation

Supporting children from violent homes

Self- harm

Understanding childhood abuse

CBT-Anxiety reduction skills

Anger control skills

for more information around child/play therapy, youth counselling and young people’s skills courses please visit my other website

3-in-1 Mind-Body Energy Therapy 

‘Empowering people to heal and transform their lives by building a stronger relationship between their heart, body and mind.’

Our 3-in-1 therapy incorporates mind-body energy therapy techniques, mindfulness relational counselling and CBT interventions.

Sometimes people can get stuck or caught up in the stressors of life, struggling to cope with the demands of work, family and life that generally causes feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, stress and depression. When you are stressed, anxious or depressed, your body is crying out to be soothed and needs to be calmed.

Physical symptoms start to manifest in the form of migraines, high blood pressure, aches and pains, fatigue, etc. Nurturing ourselves can be a real juggling act as we also nurture others. At times it can leave individuals feeling selfish.

We can help you find a healthy balance by:

  1. Introducing interventions that will improve your life on many levels
  2. Working with the energy systems within your body
  3. Helping you understand unhelpful thoughts
  4. Empowering you with the belief that you can heal your body and mind
  5. Introducing new and higher levels of peace into your life

The most common themes that we address are:

  • Behaviour
  • Earlier childhood attachment and trauma
  • Family
  • Feelings
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Mind
  • Self-worth and esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Work

Interventions of mindfulness, relaxation, emotional expression, breath work, cognitive therapy, creative therapy and imagery, communication skills, prayer and spirituality will complement you on your journey of emotional and physical discovery.

How Mind-Body Energy Therapy Can Help You 

Mind-body therapy works on all levels:

  • Providing specific and varied strategies towards healing many medical conditions
  • Reducing stressors and enhancing relationships
  • Enabling you to understand the ingredients for healthy human development
  • Helping you learn ways in which your mind can heal your heart, body and spirit

The purpose of engaging in mind-body techniques is to help you reduce stress hormones in the body and to build a healthier immune system so you are more able to fight off illnesses. Participating in daily self-healing energy medicine techniques will stimulate energy flow and decrease tension, leaving you experiencing a greater sense of relaxation, calmness and vitality. 

Jan Haghverdi – Mind-Body Energy Therapist

 Well being Consultant/ Trainer

Empowering people to heal and transform their lives

You might feel run down, need an energy boost, or be experiencing some stress depression or anxiety. All of the above will create a disruption in your energy flow, leaving your system depleted. Often, our minds affect how healthy our bodies are. Physical pain such as backache can be a result of psychological or emotional wounds. An overactive mind can trigger many physical symptoms. 

Mind-body therapy will help you become aware of stressors in everyday life, helping you gain insight into unhealthy patterns of relating. It will help you change negative, self-defeating beliefs and unhelpful behaviours.

You will develop a more positive outlook and challenge unproductive thinking patterns. This can break painful symptoms related to past trauma, illnesses or ongoing mental health issues, as well as support you in navigating through life’s challenges with more ease.

Becoming mindful of emotions helps us tolerate and understand them better without struggling or wanting to fight them. Observing the emotion from a distance can reduce the distress of the emotional experience. It will help you filter out trapped emotional energy that is lodged in your physical body. Memories that hold uncomfortable emotional charge or fears that create anxiety can be processed safely by understanding psychological events that have activated emotional defences and created blocks in your body’s energies.

We will help you explore the connections between memory and emotion by focusing on the energy disturbance and the cleansing, energising and re-aligning of your energy system.

Bi-Aura Energy Therapy 

Bi-Aura therapy is a theory of energy psychology that uses the chakra system as a tool for diagnosis and healing. It uses the body’s own energy as a framework to understand your health and imbalances. It invites you to engage in your own healing process. 

Some chakras may be blocked or closed off due to physical or emotional trauma, cultural conditioning or childhood difficulties, which can leave parts of the physical body out of sync or diseased by illness. If difficulties persist, the chakras will become diminished, which will leave the person feeling lethargic or unbalanced. Chronic tension within the body will then manifest and anchor in the mind and body as defence structures restricting the flow of energy.

Bi-Aura treatments will help cleanse, detoxify and refresh your energy. Sessions are beneficial if you are feeling stressed or a little run down, suffering chronic pain, experiencing mental or emotional issues, or in need of an energy boost or some calm and relaxation.

Bi-Aura is similar to Reiki, but operates at a higher vibration and heals at a deeper, more rapid level. This type of energy healing detects and treats diseases by reading and manipulating a person’s aura, and clearing out energy blockages using the breath and the waving of hands to move the energy round the body.

What Happens During a Session? 

Our therapist will place her hands near and around your body to transport healing energy using breath, attention scanning and focus.

The main purpose of the session is to manipulate your flow of energy through your whole body, which will cleanse and clear blockages, as well as detoxify and shift obstacles that get in the way of the natural healing process. A flow of new energy is then channelled into the body, bringing the chakra systems into alignment and balance.

By understanding your defences, needs and traumas, you increase your awareness of your internal nervous structures, and learn how to restore balance and deepen your own healing process.

Duration of Sessions 

45-minute sessions take place once every week for three weeks, with a follow-up after a fortnight. Further booster sessions can then be offered.

15-minute sessions take place over three consecutive days, with a further session followed a fortnight later. Additional booster sessions are then offered as and when required.

Client Testimonial: Bi-Aura Energy Therapy 

‘My heart feels much lighter from the whole experience. I am more able to go with the flow and feel less stressed. My relationship with my partner is much improved and I feel more empowered and confident. I still have occasional aches and pains, but the pain I felt has considerably reduced. I am also sleeping much better. I experienced four sessions of Bi-Aura Energy Therapy with Jan and highly recommend it. She is very gentle and compassionate in her approach and easy to talk to.’ – TB

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, is a form of treatment that focuses on examining the relationships between a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It encourages you to develop new ways of thinking and responding when working with symptoms of depression, panic, anxiety, phobias and many more.

Every thought can hold positive or negative energy, which can strengthen or weaken you respectively. Through CBT, you will learn techniques for altering negative thoughts and challenging behaviours, managing anxiety, easing depression and alleviating troublesome physical symptoms. CBT can help in breaking cycles of fear and insecurity and leave you with a greater sense of feeling in control. 

How Does It Work? 

CBT focuses on how your thinking patterns influence your behaviour. This helps to develop a shared understanding of the problem. It looks at how you perceive yourself, the world and other people around you, as well as how what you do affects your feelings and thoughts. CBT searches for ways to improve your overall mental well-being.

CBT therapy treats a wide range of emotional, physical and psychological health issues in people of all ages.


Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation. It has a powerful influence on our health, well-being, stress levels and happiness.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn first developed mindfulness in a therapeutic setting.

The Japanese character for mindfulness combines the words ‘mind’ and ‘heart.’

Awareness from the Heart 

Mindfulness means being attentive in the present moment with qualities of compassion, patience, curiosity and acceptance, as well as relating to others with loving kindness.

By being mindful, you discover ways of living enjoyably in the moment without being caught up in the pain of the past or worrying about the future.

Mindfulness is a gentle way of learning to accept the feelings of anxiety rather than trying to fight, deny or escape them. What you resist, persists; what you accept, feels lighter.

Mindfulness is about becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, communications, relationships, nature and the environment, as well as really noticing every detail of all that you encounter in the present moment.

Engaging in a series of simple daily practices can help prevent periods of unhappiness and depression, thus reducing stress and anxiety. It can bring about long-term changes in mood, build the immune system and help treat trauma, exhaustion and chronic pain.

Mindfulness is an easy technique for letting go of stress and ultimately finding more peace and balance in your life. Learning these skills will change your perspective on discomfort and open up new avenues for observing your problems, thereby improving your overall sense of well-being.

Integrative Relational Counselling 

The Approach 

Our integrative relational practitioner will:

  • Bring elements of psychodynamic, person-centred and cognitive behavioural approaches to therapy
  • Provide a flexible style of working with you
  • Tailor specific techniques to suit your personal circumstances

Our counsellor will support you and build a trusting relationship where you can be truly heard, valued and understood free from judgement. She will help you gain great insight into your sense of self by exploring your thoughts, emotions, bodily stressors and senses, intuitions, perceptions and the way you absorb and relate to experiences.

Session Structure 

You and our counsellor will make an agreement on therapy goals and expectations, and find ways in which these can be met drawing on integrative approaches. We will then review the sessions to check whether your relationships, symptoms or experiences have improved or require further exploration.

Our counsellor will work with you and help increase your awareness around how you relate to yourself and others by offering deep insight into past and present traumas, conflicts in relationships and patterns of communication. Attachment styles and the psychological connectedness and dynamics between individuals within your family, work, social and personal life will be explored.

The sessions last for 50 minutes with a review after the sixth session. The therapy is offered on a short-term or long-term basis.

Our Counsellor and Therapist 

About Jan Haghverdi 

Bio-Energy Therapist, Integrative Relational Counsellor, Mindfulness CBT Therapist

BSc, Dip CBT, Dip Youth Counselling, Dip Bio-Energy Therapy, Post Grad Cert in Play Therapy, Advanced Post Grad Cert in Stress and Anxiety Management


  • Certificate in biodynamic psychotherapy
  • Certificate in biodanza dance.
  • Certified clinical trauma specialist

Jan Haghverdi graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University and Regent’s Park College in London. She is a registered member of the BACP and the Bi-Aura Foundation.

Jan has been a therapist for more than 20 years, working within the education sector, NHS, mental health fields, family service units and community settings. She is a relational integrative practitioner who draws from a spectrum of therapeutic modalities such as creative/play therapy, CBT, person-centred therapy, psychodynamic therapy, energy psychology and mindfulness-based dynamic practices.

Areas of Focus 

Jan is very passionate about empowering individuals to strive to reach their true potential. She is a strong advocate of facilitating mental health awareness sessions in education and workforce skills, as well as trauma interventions for social care teams.

Her expertise is in the areas of mental health, childhood trauma, domestic abuse, sexual and physical abuse, student well-being, drugs and alcohol counselling, identity and self-esteem, bereavement and self-harm.

Methods and Approach 

Jan provides a wide range of therapeutic treatments accessible for children, individuals and groups of all ages. Having a multifaceted way of working, she can accommodate all client needs and empower them through a varied choice of therapies.

To make her therapeutic approach more versatile, dynamic and precise, Jan adds integrated energy methods to her existing repertoire of skills. This helps enhance her clients’ emotional resilience, instilling in them the confidence that will improve their mind, body and spirit connections.

Recently qualifying as an accredited bio-energy therapist, Jan integrates clinically effective energy methods into her sessions. This can enable clients to locate and minimise physical and psychological imbalances, as well as assist them with the process of self-healing.


Individual Counselling- Child Therapy/ family testimonials

We have seen a big improvement in J’s emotional well being and anxiety. He is generally more settled and managing better at school. We are relieved we found you Jan and came to the orchard. It was a sanctuary in a storm and Jan calmed the waters amazingly. Thank you so much Jan.

Parent of 9 year old boy J

To Jan, Thanks for really supporting me. You have been a big help and force in my life when I trusted no one. I wish more people were like you. Keep doing the things the way you do them because honestly you are the best counsellor I have ever had. Thank you so much.

Thank you for being so kind. O Male 18 years

The little bubble meditation helped me calm down the worry. The sessions have helped a lot.

I don’t worry as much. Coming to see you has helped me so much J male 7 years old

Therapy has helped me find my way again. I no longer feel lost and scared. I feel in control. My anxiety has massively decreased and I know what to do if it flares up in the future. Thank you so much Jan. F 28 years

Jan, thank you for helping me get through my anxiety and enabling me to express myself and giving me techniques to deal with issues in the future. I feel so much better. E –Female 22 years

To Jan,

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to make F feel happy and secure again. Your help has had a tremendous impact on our family life and has given us the tools to move forwards. We won’t forget you. With thanks and best wishes.

To Jan, Thank you for helping me and doing play with me and listening to me tell my stories. Boy F aged 6 years

Training – groupwork- workshop testimonials

Jan – Thank you. I can really see a difference in myself and my confidence. I feel clearer now regarding boundaries and what is important. The course exceeded my expectations. The course is excellent. Self esteem and confidence building course

You’ve been a really inspiring teacher and I’ve learnt so much from you. You made the sessions really fun and engaging and created a really trusting, nice learning environment.

Jan- you’re ‘the dream teacher’ for the ‘intro to’ you’re supportive, inclusive and clever. I feel silly a lot of the time, but never in your class. Thankyou.

Jan is a great teacher because we always discuss things openly as a group and she has made learning fun and enjoyable. She is very positive and empathic.

Jan one of the best tutor’s I’ve known. Always wanting to listen and challenge but introduces compelling discussion.

I have loved having you as my tutor. You are very attentive, caring and a very understanding person. It has been a pleasure being taught by a tutor as passionate an encouraging as you.


You’ve made this course so much more than a simple introduction. You have turned it into something pretty special. All your experience, stories, knowledge, support, humour and understanding have been invaluable in making this accessible to me.

CPD workshop for personal and professional development and spiritual enhancement.

Workshop in June 2016: Mind Body and healing workshop. 

1st workshop- 11th June 2016 - CBT-Mindfulness stress reduction

2nd workshop - 18th June 2016- Mind body Energy healing workshop

Future Workshops 2019

‘Becoming All You Can Be’ Facebook Group

Self growth healing and mind body spiritual development wellbeing.

Journey of Becoming All You Can Be

I will strive to fulfill my own potential as I journey on this pathway of self- discovery.

I need the approval of no-one.

I will trust and believe in myself, believing

Anything is possible.

I will become the best version of me possible.

I will accept me for all of me, letting go of any

Judgments I hold about myself. I do not have to live up to the expectations that Others have of me.

I will realize my own dreams, find my own true Self, live life with meaning and purpose and walk my own way.

(c) Jan Haghverdi 2020

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