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Covid 19

Covid 19 2020 Pandemic – Jan is a Volunteer Counsellor for frontline workers


Frontline19 is a UK Nationwide service delivering debriefing and emotional support during times of crisis for frontline workers.

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The serenity prayer

At this time of uncertainty and isolation I’m sure it will of brought about a lot of fear, anxiety and dread about how things will become, how you will manage being alone with minimal contact with others, a lack of social life, outings and connections with loved ones. For other’s there might be the potential to spend more quality time with loved ones having to work from home, renewal and new beginnings for many, and felt crises and worry for all the frontline workers supporting the vulnerable and sick, workers ensuring our basic needs of food, safety and shelter are maintained.

I believe our priorities, values, expectations, wants, desires and needs will come under greater scrutiny with all the restrictions placed upon. Or resilience, patience and strengths tested beyond belief.

Society has forced us to withdraw and taken away that which is familiar, removing us from our manic and busy lifestyles, restricting close attachments, leaving our personal freedom and securities threatened. Could it be a time for us to surrender to what ‘IS’ let go of our need for control, identify your fears and debilitating thoughts become more open to our vulnerabilities and feel the energy and relief of our emotions.

Could it be a time for letting go of old habits that don’t serve us, maybe a time to become more mindfully present by paying attention to what ‘IS’ and to be able to acknowledge that suffering is part of growth.

How do we marshal our responses in the face of our adversities? How do we adapt to our life longings for security, comfort, stability and desire for attachment and sense of control? Would it be easier to accept the status quo? As now our usual normality is out of our control.

We now, have to attend to, and acknowledge to all that is happening around us tapping into maybe unrecognised resources, innate wisdom, whilst drawing on reservoirs of resilience.

Is this a universal message encouraging us to become our own ‘hero’s’ and ‘heroines’ and asking us to break free from that which was stifling us anyway, as now without much choice we have to adapt to unfamiliar norms, adjust our attitudes, pause, connect to our own inner wisdom so our true needs can be revealed to us and calm the chaotic chatter of this world.

We might be caught up in psychological fear manifesting in many forms of worry, tension, dread, nervousness, phobias, and panic. These fears are leaving us questioning putting your mind in a state of overdrive. Anxiety will be your forever companion and could consume your mind and body as you lose touch with living in the power of this present time. Living conditions, attachments, personal freedom are all being compromised, leaving all of us feeling unsure of what might be coming next and under threat. For some sadly they will experience loss and sacrifice. Our hearts are with the frontline workers, NHS staff, shop assistants making every effort to support us all in the crisis. Unfortunately, we do have little control and the intensity between fear and dread will fluctuate greatly from moment to moment. For us to manage these uncertainties in a less stressful way is to become acceptant of living in the now and face our vulnerabilities.

Depth Psychology sees that meaningful growth comes from enduring and processing pain and believes that everything happens for a reason. Are there unforeseen synchronistic happenings leading us to seek out new possibilities and search for a more fulfilling way of life. Is it a time to be more empathically present too other people’s pain helping us to develop a more genuine caring for each person’s predicaments and a determination for being more ‘loving’, and ‘giving.’

Your personal freedom is restricted at the moment, you are unable to venture outside so maybe it’s time for to search for meaning indoors by engaging in new pursuits, time to re-discover your own inner garden and plant new seeds for growth. A time to re-enter your heart.

Reach out on- line, download some music, share your personal story, connect to your vulnerabilities, write a poem, express your thoughts and feeling in a journal, join a support chat group.

Being human is a guesthouse full of unexpected visitors, unanticipated changes, sorrows, joys, and magical moments.

Living amongst this chaos might be asking you to affirm what you truly value, reveal missed opportunities or fears you might wish to let go of, stuck beliefs that you operate within, materialistic greed’s of wanting more, or maybe holding a mirror up to the person are.

It might be showing you that you are already immensely resilient, courageous beyond measure and not even realised it. That you have already managed unbearable isolation and loneliness and endured much pain. You can manage what is happening in society at this present moment.

Is it time to tame your inner ‘Golem’ and cradle yourself with compassion and help you to recognise that you have lived with a sense of isolation and difference so often in your lives and managed it better than most. Inner emptiness can be a vessel of transformation connecting you to challenge the void enabling you to take a giant leap into exploring intricacies of your true being.

If you are struggling and have fears about what the future holds remember this;

You have survived so much more than isolation and you can get through this.

This is temporary. Time to let go of what we can’t control. Let go of the fear of being judged, fear of not coping, fear of the unknown, the need to always be I control. Live exactly as you are and how you choose to be. We are all in the process of becoming.

There are wishes still to be realised and dreams to be fulfilled, happier days to come, so much more to experience, magical moments to share.

Keep on believing and pushing through we are interconnected and in this together.

Note: I have crossed paths with some beautiful souls who have managed immense pain. I feel privileged to of shared in your journey’s, personal growth and healing.

Let yourself be guided by the teachings of the crisis in society at this moment. maybe its time to stop. Breathe, reset, and welcome the lessons they convey.

Covid 19: Resources: Please see attached live talks, anxiety and resilience techniques, meditations, and self -help tips.

Jan’smindbodytherapiesfacebook Freedom to be group. Chat and connect group.

In this moment sitting there reading this. Are you okay in this moment now?

Daily affirmation: “I am here, I am loved, and I am important. Be yourself you are enough.” Stay safe. Love and light to you all.

© Jan Haghverdi April 2020